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A Home Condition Survey contains information about the physical condition of a property, which sellers, buyers and lenders will be able to rely on legally as an accurate report. It is similar to a Homebuyer Survey and can let the seller be aware of any works or repairs that are needed to the property.

The report:

· must be carried out by a certified Home Inspector
· must be written in plain English and not include technical jargon
· means you can have a claim against insurance if something goes wrong

Benefits of a Home Condition Survey:

You have an early opportunity to carry out repair work on the property or get quotes before marketing your property. By giving buyers a clearer idea of your property, it reduces the risk of a buyer pulling out later in the process due to an unforeseen problem and gives your property an additional selling point.

This survey covers all aspects, Health and Safety risks, roof, walls, windows, doors, roof space and ceilings, gutters etc and condition rates all parts on a simple and easily understood scale. The report is written avoiding the use of technical jargon and has been awarded the crystal mark for plain English. The production of these reports is quality assurance monitored by the Surveyors And Valuers Accreditation Ltd.

These surveys can only be carried out by a qualified and registered Home Inspector who is certified by the Surveyors and Valuers Accreditation ( S.A.V.A).

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At this time we have extensive coverage of Norfolk and Suffolk, and via our established network of energy assessors we are able to offer a nationwide service at competitive prices, call for a quote.


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